October 24, 2016

Upcoming events in and around Joie de Vivre


Perhaps you were intending to attend one or two events coming up soon in the winelands region….? Luckily for you we have hand-picked some events close to us at Joie de Vivre in the next month.

There is the Stellenbosch Cycle Tour on the 29th of November, the Festive Ideas Market at Simondium Country Lodge on the 28th of October till the 1st of November, and Kamers, also in Stellenbosch, on the 27th of October and also till the 1st of November. These are all popular events for locals but if you are from upcountry then you will likely need a place to stay, like many others flocking to the Cape to participate (or just spectate). Importantly, we want to make sure you know that Joie de Vivre will be open and hosting during these events and we would encourage you to consider staying with us!

Although we specialise in conferencing and an event or two of our own, we do run as a country house as well and offer Bnb services, too. We are situated in the midst of Paarl, Stellenbosch, Klapmuts, and Wellington – all of which are a mere 20 minutes drive away, or quicker. There are of course many other events in this region you can attend, and there are plenty of websites highlighting this, including this one.

A wonderful thing about South Africa, and especially the Western Cape and its wineland region, is that there is something to do in every season. Many people prefer winter to summer, and we are of the opinion that the equinoxes (autumn and spring) actually have better weather than both. A place like Tulbagh is terribly hot in summer, and preferable in winter, while the autumn leaves of Stellenbosch are on a par with the west coast flowers in spring.

It all depends on what rocks your boat really, and we here at Joie de Vivre are more than happy to accommodate you whatever the situation. Simply navigate across to our booking page and fill in the form, or just give us a call. We would be more than happy to help you make the most of the next month’s events.