November 11, 2016

Kleinrivier Mountain Lodge

Kleinrivier Mountain Lodge

Kleinrivier Mountain Lodge is a stunning place to visit any time of year. They are situated only 70km outside of Port Elizabeth and if you are ever out that way, I would highly recommend taking a turn in there. They have mid-week special rates and are likely more booked up on the weekend.

Karoo Landscape

The Karoo is in all its majesty and glory out there, and you would never believe that you had left the ocean behind you just an hour’s drive before. There are plenty of things to see and do and hiking is super popular, as well as birding and general enjoyment of the environment. Like back here at Joie de Vivre, the scenery and closeness to nature is half the attraction.

Affordable and hospitable

The prices there vary and every person or family will find something they can afford, be it camping, or something more luxurious. The owners and staff are really friendly and helpful, having something of old world hospitality and charm to them. Just as we create great memories here at Joie de Vivre, there will be something special out that way, too.

Truly South African

We may not have the best of all possible scenarios here in South Africa, but I tell you there are qualities to our nation that no one else can have. Our mountains and ocean, our fynbos and fauna, the animals, the people, the various cultures – it all adds up to an authentic experience. This is of course true at Kleinrivier Mountain Lodge as well. Being at the start of the Karoo and hosting such a unique landscape, you could be forgiven for thinking you had passed into another country.


We are happy to have a connection with this lodge and know that in time more places will share common values and guests. We commend them on their photography, and know that as they improve their service to paying guests it makes all of us look better.