October 17, 2016

Marquee Madness at Joie de Vivre

Conference Marquee

This past weekend we hosted an enormous function with a huge marquee erected just for the occasion. There was also a smaller marquee erected by our second pool as well, but the former was a sight to behold!

If you are thinking of having your function, wedding or conference out here at Joie de Vivre then please be aware that we are more than capable of hosting it under a marquee (or two) just in case the weather poses problems. The rain is hard to predict here in the Cape, and added to that, no one wants to sit in the heat of the sun all day either, right?

It was a lovely three days though as we hosted around 350 delegates from the surrounding region who seemed to have a whale of a time. It was hard work catering and braaing for all those people but with some great support staff we managed to pull it off. The last evening we even organised a spit braai and we are pretty confident that the food will not be forgotten in months to come.

All in all, the hard work in setting up and  breaking down two large marquees was all worth it and we look forward to many more occasions in the future. This past conference was actually a record for us in terms of catering and conferencing but we hope to one day break it! Perhaps you will be the one to book us and we encourage you to try! Take a look at our contact page for details of how to get a hold of us.