September 11, 2016

You are swimming, we are winning

Paarl Swimming pool

As summer approaches steadily nearer and temperatures being to soar, you’ll want to make sure you can go swimming. Luckily, with two beautiful swimming pools, you can, right here at Joie de Vivre!

We knew that in South Africa, especially so close to the coast, that our guests would want to swim when it gets hot. So we made sure there are not one, but two swimming pools for you to dip in when it gets hot. Perhaps you are looking for a good B+B this summer holiday, or for a weekend escape, then you’ll probably want to know that there is a pool at the hotel. We have braai’s often, and make cocktails often too, so you can bet that you will be happy should you book in here.

We have twenty standard rooms from which you can choose, all of which have a television, access to wifi, a small refreshment station to make your tea and coffee, and comfortable towels and linen too. They are ideal for a night or two away and, because we are a B+B, you will get a lovely breakfast at our restaurant included in the price too.

If you do want to make a booking, just navigate to our booking page and send us your details, or simply give us a call.

See you in the pool!